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2021 Cavalier County

Plat Books

Who owns Cavalier County? Thousands of people have a piece of it, and they are listed in the new plat book published by the Cavalier County with Mapping Solutions. The 2021 book is available for purchase for $50 at the County Auditor’s office. There are also Premium Wall Maps available for purchase.  This 118-page spiral-bound book features the standard landownership map pages showing townships and ranges of Cavalier County, these maps include the property boundaries for all rural parcels, the name of the owner and the number of acres owned. Opposite the landownership maps are the new enhanced LiDAR aerial view maps which have a 3D effect showing the actual topography of the land. Also, there is a handy landowner index for easy cross referencing. In this new edition, you will find a current Cavalier County Government Directory page, a Watersheds Map, City of Langdon Map and a County Road Map with Road Index. Each landowner map page features an index of small parcels found on the page.  And, as an added bonus there is an explanation of the public land survey system. Mapping Solutions is the publisher. This information is valuable to anyone with a need to know who owns land in Cavalier County. Prospective or adjoining property owners, hunters, foresters, timber and petroleum industry personnel, emergency services and many others would be interested in having a copy.

Now available….2 digital versions of the Cavalier County landowner maps.

1. SmartMap for your smart phone or tablet. A SmartMap allows you to view your location on the map and track real-time movement with the device GPS, you can measure distances and areas as well as add points of interest, photos, position and label names to the map and much more.

2. eBook for your tablet, laptop or PC. This is a digital version of the plat book.

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