On March 26th, in an executive order by Governor Doug Burgum, all counties in North Dakota were strongly encouraged to move to a vote-by-mail ballot process for the June 2020 election, commonly referred to as the Primary Election. The executive order also suspended the requirement of each county to provide a polling place on election day. This order was directly related to the State of Emergency due to the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis.

Due to this order, Cavalier County will be conducting the June election solely through vote-by-mail and will not have a polling place on June 9th, Election Day.
The Secretary of State’s Office (SOS) will be mailing an application for an absentee ballot to all eligible voters in Cavalier County at the residential address listed on their driver’s license or state issued identification card. Active voters in Cavalier County may be expecting to see the bright green postcard we have used for several years to request their absentee ballots, however the forms from the SOS will look a bit different. The SOS is also including a postage paid return envelope to mail the completed and signed application back to your local county auditor for processing.

Once the application is received back in the Auditor’s Office, we will mail the appropriate ballot to the voter.

All ballots must be returned to the Auditor’s Office through one of the following methods:

  1. Mail the ballot back to the Auditor’s Office – ballots must be postmarked no later than THE DAY BEFORE THE ELECTION.
  2. Return the ballot to the Auditor’s Office via the secured drop-box located in front of the Cavalier County Courthouse at 901 3rd Street in Langdon.

*Please note that for voters that may need special assistance in reading or marking their ballot, an assistive ballot marking device will be available in the Courthouse during normal business hours beginning forty days prior to the election through election day.


ELECTION TIPS: Don’t forget!¬†

  1. UPDATE your ND Driver’s License with your most current residence to ensure you receive a ballot application.
  2. REVIEW your ballot application information, including mailing address if it is different from your residence.
  3. SIGN your ballot application before returning it to the Auditor’s Office

Once you receive your ballot:

  1. When voting your ballot, CROSS OVER VOTES do not count in the Primary. You must vote one party with the exception of No-Party races, County or City races, and all measures.
  2. Place your voted ballot into the brown SECRECY ENVELOPE, seal it, and then into the white ballot return envelope
  3. SIGN your ballot return envelope
  4. POSTAGE is required to return your ballot if you choose to mail it.

Vote By Mail – Frequently Asked Questions

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